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10Hz-2.4GHz Universal





UZ 2400






digimess® compact / order No. : H.UC 10-00

Two counting channels
  Channel A - 10 to 100M
  Channel C - 50M to 2.4G
High input sensitivity of 25 mV and a time base accuracy of 10
-8 over 24 hours
Period length measurement - channel A (Measuring range : 100s to 100ms)
Pulse counting - Channel A or B (Measuring range : 1 to 10
9 events)
Self-diagnostics check
RS-232C interfaces
Radio interference suppression - EN55011 Class B
Safety class - according to EN61010 Part 1


Frequency range 10 Hz - 100 MHz
Basic sensitivity
(voltage divider 1:1)
Vrms = 25mV-sine signal
pp75 = mV with pulses (minimum width 10ns)
Input voltage AC voltage
Input impedance 1 (< 20pF)
Input divider 1:1 or 10:1
Dynamic range with divider 10:1 Vpp=75mVVpp =5V
pp= 750mVVpp =50V
Maximum input voltage 50V(V=+Vppwith divider 10:1)
Range of trigger level adjustment
Voltage divider 1:1
Voltage divider 10:1
adjustable via potentiometer
Characgeristics of channel C
Frequency range 50MHz 2400MHz
Division ratio 100:1
Sensitivity Vrms= 25mV where f=100MHz 2GHz
Vrms= 50mV where f=50MHz100MHz and where f=2GHz2.4 GHz
Input impedance 50
Standing wave ratio 2.5
Input voltage AC voltage
Maximum input voltage Vrms= 2.5V (sine signal) ±40V DC voltage content
Optimal input voltage MIN and MAX LEDs are both off
  • Measuring Functions
Self-diagnostics check (CHK)
Measuring range 10MHz (internal)
Gate time tgate = 10s, 100s, 1ms, 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s
Accuracy ±1 LSD1)
Display of result M Hz with decimal point


Frequency measurement on channel A (FRA)
Measurement range 10Hz 100MHz
Gate times tgate = 10s, 100s, 1ms, 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s
Frequency resolution f=1/tgate(max. 8 digits)
Accuracy ±1 LSD1) ± time base error
Results display Hz, kHz, MHz with decimal point

Frequency measurement on channel C (FRC)
Measurement range 50MHz 2.4GHz
Gate times tgate = 10s, 100s, 1ms, 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s
Input voltage 25mV Vrms2.5V
Frequency resolution f=100/tgate(max. 8 digits)
Accuracy ±1 LSD1) ± time base error
Results display Hz, kHz, MHz with decimal point

Period measurement on channel A (PER)
Measurement range 100s 100ms
Sensitivity Vrms=100mV
Resolution 100ns
Accuracy ±1 LSD1) ± time base error ± trigger error2)
Results display s, ms, s with decimal point

Pulse count on channel A (TOT)
Measurement range 1 109events
Frequency range 0100MHz
Accuracy ±1 LSD1)
Results display without unit of measurement and decimal point

Time base
Warm-up time 15min.
Nominal frequency of crystal 10MHz
Accuracy of frequency setting ±5 · 10-9
Short-term stability 1 · 10-10/s
Frequency deviation after 24 hours ±10-8
Temperature effect <5 ·10-9/°c

  • General Data
Environmental conditions
Nominal temperature + 23 °C ± 2 °C
Operating temperature + 5 °C... + 40 °C
Relative humidity 20 to 80%
Atmospheric pressure 86 to 106 kPa
Interference suppression in accordance with Vfg.1046/1984,VDEO0871 Category B
Dimensions (W * H * D)
Dimensions of packing
225mm * 85mm * 200mm
310mm * 110mm * 265mm
Weight incl. packing and accessories
approx. 1.8kg
approx. 2.6kg

Power supply
Operating voltage 220V/110V ± 10% (internally switchable)50Hz-60Hz ± 5%
Power consumption 20VA
Fuses Mains fuse T125mA/250V(220V), T250mA 250V(110V)
Protection class Protection class I in accordance with IEC348=DIN VDE0411
Part 1 E81
Accessories supplied with the package
-Mains cable -Operating instruction -BNC-BNC cables -Spare fuses

System interfaces
The counter can be fully controlled via the serial interface RS-232C apart from the setting of the trigger level. The data transfer is based on the ASCII character set with the data transmission rate being optional.
  • Accessory
Bnc Bnc Cable
Foot Stand
Screw Cover































































































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