12.5MHz Arbitrary Function



AFG 100








digimess® compact / order No. : H.UC 66-00

0.01㎐ - 12.5M㎐ arbitrary generator with DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis)
Max. sample rate 33MS/S
Arbitrary, sine, square wave, triangle, ramp signal
Accuracy of frequency setting - ±0.01% ±0.002㎐
Internal sweep (sweep time 10ms~60s)-sweep mode (linear, logarithmic - discrete)
Amplitude Modulation - internal (depth, frequency), external
Synchronization output - square wave signal (COMS / TTL level)
DCV offset adjusted within a wide range
Auto - calibration
Protection of the signal output - if an external voltage V>± 15V, switches itself off automatically
LCD adjustment (bright / contrast)
Pre-setting(memory)- store / recall
RS-232C interface
Radio interference suppression - EN 55011 Class B
Safety class - I according to EN 61010 Part 1



Frequency range

0.01㎐... 12.5 M㎐ for sinusoidal and square wave signals
0.01㎐... 100 ㎑ for triangular and ramp signals

Frequency setting

5 digits or 0.001㎐

Accuracy of frequency setting
(at nominal temperature)

±0.01% ±0.0002㎐

Temperature coefficient of frequency

±100ppm in operating temperature range

Signal Output

Ouput impedance

50Ω±1.5%, unbalanced

Ouput voltage Vpp

10㎷... 10 V / 50Ω

Ouput voltage setting

3 digits

Accuracy of output voltage at f =1㎑

±(2% + 20㎷)

Additional frequency error of output voltage

±1dB in the range 10㎐...1M㎐,±3 dB 0.01㎐...10M㎐

Temperature coefficient of output voltage

<±5 × 10-3 / K

Direct voltage offset of signal(Voltset)

±2.5V in 10㎷ steps

Accuracy of offset voltage setting

±(1% + 20㎷)

Output signal

sinusoidal, square wave, triangular, ramp(up, down) arbitrary

Distortion factor of sinusoidal signal

<0.5% in the range 10㎐... 100㎑

Rise time of square wave signal


Overshoot of square wave signal

<0.5% + 30㎷

Non-linearity of triangular signa
l(5%... 95%)


Arbitrary signal characteristics

Horizontal resolution(length of signals)

8192 points 

Vertical resolution of level

1024 points (10 Bit)

Sample period

30ns × 2N-1, N=1...32

SWEEP function

Frequency change for the SWEEP function

0.01㎐... 12.5M㎐ (100㎑ for triangular and ramp signals)

Sweep type

linear, logarithmic - discrete

Direction of frequency change

rising, falling

Period of repetition for the SWEEP function

10ms... 60s

Amplitude modulation

Source of modulation signal

internal, external

Frequency range of external modulation input

0 ㎐... 20 ㎑

Amplitude of external signals (Vpp)

2V for AM modulation depth m = 100%

Input impedance of external AM input

100 ㏀

Frequency range of internal modulation oscillator

from approx. 100㎐ to approx. 10㎑, discrete frequency values

Depth of amplitude modulation

0 to 100%, 1% steps for internal generator of AM

Square wave synchronization output

Output voltage Vpp

5V±10% CMOS

Duty cycle of output signal

approx. 1:1 for periodical signals pulse "Start" with a width of approx. 5μs at the sweep function

General Data

Nominal temperature

+ 23 °C ± 2 °C

Operating temperature

+ 5 °C ... + 40 °C

Relative humidity

20 to 80%

Atmospheric pressure

70 to 106 kPa

Operating position

horizontal or inclined by ±15 °

Operating voltage

alternating voltage 230V /` 115V(+10%,-15%), 47-63 ㎐

Power consumption

27VA (max. 27W)

Safety class

l according to EN 61010 -1

Radio interference suppression

EN 55011 Class B

Dimensions (W × H× D)
Dimensions of packing

225 mm ×  85 mm × 200 mm
315 mm × 115 mm × 270 mm

Weight incl. packing and accessories

approx. 2.5 kg
approx. 3.5 kg

Accessories supplied with the package

mains cable, coaxial cable, operating instruction, spare fuses, diskette.

System interfaces

The AFG 100 can be fully controlled and read out via the serial interfaces RS-232C.
The data transfer is based on the ASCII character set.


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Foot Stand

Screw Cover






































































































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